Working Calendar: CS184a, Winter 2003

Wk Lect. Date Lecture Slides Due Ref.
1 1 1/6 M Intro/Overview ppt pdf broadcast notes on broadcasts BQ course info
Assign Logic
2 1/8 W gates/logic/FSMs ppt pdf broadcast terms read
1/10 F No Class DSA Retreat
2 3 1/13 M arithmetic, pipelining, throughput, latency ppt pdf broadcast terms Logic Due
Assign Arith/ucode 181 ALU ops
4 1/15 W Memories, ALUs, Area/Time Tradeoffs ppt pdf
no broadcast (battery fail)
5 1/17 F What is required for computation? ppt pdf broadcast
3 1/20 M No Class MLK Holiday
6 1/22 W Costs and Change, MOS Scaling ppt pdf broadcast (sound present, but noisy) terms Arith/ucode DUE
Assign instr
7 1/24 F Instructions ppt pdf broadcast (sound should be good throughout) terms read
4 8 1/27 M Empirical Cost Comparisons ppt pdf broadcast terms instr Due
Assign Compute
9 1/29 W Compute 1: LUTs ppt pdf broadcast terms read
10 1/31 F Compute 2: ALUs and PLAs ppt pdf broadcast read
5 11 2/3 M Interconnect 1: significance, delay, model, busses, and crossbars ppt pdf broadcast terms Compute Due
Assign Wire Req.
12 2/5 W Interconnect 2: requirements and implications ppt pdf broadcast terms read
13 2/7 F Interconnect 3: hierarchical and fixedws ppt pdf broadcast
6 14 2/10 M Interconnect 4: switching requirements ppt pdf broadcast Wire Req. Due
Assign Interconnect
15 2/12 W Interconnect 5: Mesh ppt pdf broadcast read
16 2/14 F Interconnect 6: MoT ppt pdf broadcast terms read
7 2/17 M No Class President's Day
17 2/19 W Retiming 1: requirements, reasons, transformations ppt pdf broadcast Interconnect Due
Assign Retime
18 2/21 F Retiming 2: structures ppt pdf broadcast read
8 2/24 M No Class FPGA'03
19 2/26 W Time Multiplexing ppt pdf broadcast Retime due (Fri. OK)
2/28 F No Class CS Interview
9 20 3/3 M Control ppt pdf broadcast terms Assign Final Exercise read
3/5 W No Lecture (recommend team meeting)
21 3/7 F Specialization ppt pdf broadcast read
10 3/10-14 * No lectures, work on final exercise
11 3/17 M Final Exercise Due 5pm

This working calendar is on the web: Please, recheck the page on the web as details may be adjusted as the term progresses. Lectures notes, reading, and handouts will be filled as we reach them.

CS184: Computer Architecture