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Winter 2018

NOTE: Before you email us a question, first read the entire page below. If you still have a question, check to see if your question hasn't already been answered on the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. Also see this alternative FAQ, which is a bit more current (we really need to combine them).

We break CS 11 into several "language tracks." Not every track is taught every term.

This term, we are asking students to sign up for language tracks online. Please go to the Caltech Moodle page here, follow the links to the CS 11 page, and fill it out the signup questionnaire as soon as possible. The enrollment key was given out at the organizational meeting (email us if you need it). Students intending to do a CS 11 project track should also fill out the signup questionnaire. The signup questionnaire assumes that you have a working CMS cluster account (you'll need to enter your login name); if not, you should apply for one here, and fill in the questionnaire when your account has been set up.

Here are the tracks being offered this term:

Alternatively, many students choose to pursue independent projects in programming:

We hold office hours on a weekly basis. You can come and get one-on-one help during these times. Of course, you're welcome to send email to us and arrange a personal meeting at any time.

Our office hours are currently:

daytimewho where
Tuesday 2-4 PM Mike Annenberg 110

All students in CS 11 should have an account on the CMS cluster. If you don't have an account, please apply for one here.

If you are not registered in CS 11 but want to add the class before add day, please read this page.

NOTE: CS 11 TAships

If you are interested in being a TA for CS 11 for next term, contact the CS 11 instructors Mike Vanier and Donnie Pinkston as soon as possible. The exact number of TAships and the exact number of hours per TA are not determined before a term starts; it depends on the enrollment figures. It is most likely that we will need TA support for the C and C++ tracks, so expertise in at least one of those languages is a major plus. You do not have to have taken CS 11 to apply, nor do you have to be a CS student. However, we would like some evidence of your coding abilities, preferably in the form of coding samples. Teaching experience is also a big plus.

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