CS11 Advanced C++ - Spring 2017-2018

Track Info

CS11 Advanced C++ lectures occur on Tuesdays from 4pm to 5pm in 106 Annenberg. We will start lectures in the 2nd week of the term (Tuesday, April 10).

Contact-info and office hours for this track is as follows:

Please ask for help if you get stuck on any issue for more than 30 minutes to an hour! Also, if you have a question and you don't want to wait for office hours, feel free to email any or all of us for help.


Assignments are generally due one week after they are given. Assignments should be submitted via the csman website. If you need a csman account, or if you need to be added to the Advanced C++ course on csman, email Donnie.

Once I have reviewed your assignment, I will post a review of your submitted code on csman for you to access. If your assignment requires any rework then I will indicate exactly what needs to be fixed. Please complete your rework within one week of receiving feedback.

All of your grades for the term are available on the csman website.

Collaboration Policy

General discussion about assignments is encouraged, but you must write all of your own code. Some assignments build on source-files that I will give you, but other than that, all other files that you work with and/or submit should be entirely your own work.

High-level discussions of implementations (e.g. drawing diagrams of data-structures, or pseudocode sketches of algorithms) are acceptable, but verbatim or near-verbatim copying of implementations is unacceptable, and will be considered an Honor Code violation.

Lecture Notes:

Lab Assignments: