CS11 Java - Fall 2017-2018

Track Info

We will not be holding meetings for the CS11 Java track. All necessary course material is available below.

Office hours and contact-info for this track are as follows:


Assignments are due one week after they are given. This term, assignments should be submitted via the csman website. If you need a csman account, or if you need to be added to the Java course on csman, email Donnie.

Grading Policy

Every grade is assigned a numeric score from 0 to 3. The score values mean the following:

To pass CS11 Java, you must achieve a total score that is at least 75% of all available points in the track. For 8 assignments (24 points), this is 18/24. For 7 assignments (21 points), this is 15.5/21. This means it is definitely possible to complete the track without completing all assignments, but if you have any interest in being a TA, you need to complete all assignments.

Late Policy

Late submissions will be penalized 0.5 points per day past the due-date. The due-date is 12:00 noon on the day specified. For example, if you turn in your assignment at 2:00 pm, a 0.5 point penalty will be applied. If you turn in your assignment anytime the next day (up until 11:59am), the penalty is still 0.5 points. And so forth.

Resubmitting Your Work

If you want to increase your score on an assignment, you may rework and resubmit each assignment up to TWO times. This will give you an opportunity to increase the score on the assignment. (Late penalties are not removed by resubmitting.)

You cannot abuse the resubmission policy to avoid late penalties! If you turn in a substantially incomplete assignment before the due-date, it will not be counted; the first completed submission will dictate the date of submission.


All of your grades for the term are available on the csman website.

Collaboration Policy

General discussion about assignments is encouraged, but you must write all of your own code. Some assignments build on source-files that I will give you, but other than that, all other files that you work with and/or submit should be entirely your own work.

High-level discussions of implementations (e.g. drawing diagrams of data-structures, or pseudocode sketches of algorithms) are acceptable, but verbatim or near-verbatim copying of implementations is unacceptable, and will be considered an Honor Code violation.

Lecture Slides