Class HeapFilePageTuple

    • Field Detail

      • slot

        private int slot
        The slot that this tuple corresponds to. The tuple doesn't actually manipulate the slot table directly; that is for the IndexedTableManager to deal with.
    • Constructor Detail

      • HeapFilePageTuple

        public HeapFilePageTuple​(Schema schema,
                                 DBPage dbPage,
                                 int slot,
                                 int pageOffset)
        Construct a new tuple object that is backed by the data in the database page. This tuple is able to be read from or written to.
        schema - the schema of the tuple file the page is a part of
        dbPage - the specific database page that holds the tuple
        slot - the slot number of the tuple
        pageOffset - the offset of the tuple's actual data in the page
    • Method Detail

      • getExternalReference

        public FilePointer getExternalReference()
        This method returns an external reference to the tuple, which references the page number and slot-offset of the tuple.
        Specified by:
        getExternalReference in interface Tuple
        getExternalReference in class PageTuple
        a file-pointer that can be used to look up this tuple
      • getSlot

        public int getSlot()