CS 176

Introduction to Computer Graphics Research

The course will go over classic, or recent research results in computer graphics, covering subjects from mesh processing (acquisition, compression, smoothing, parameterization, adaptive meshing), simulation for purposes of animation, rendering (both photo- and nonphotorealistic), geometric modeling primitives (image based, point based), and motion capture and editing. Other subjects may be treated as they appear in the recent literature. The goal of the course is to bring students up to the frontiers of computer graphics research and prepare them for their own research.

9 units; second term.

Prerequisite: CS/CNS 171, or 173, or 174, or CS175.

Instructors: Prof. Mathieu Desbrun
Time and Place: Tuesday and Thursday 10:30am - 11:55am
Annenberg 314
Office Hours: by appointment with TA
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