CS 176


IMPORTANT: Extensions are not freely given. All requests for extensions must go to Mathieu.

Project 1: Seam Carving
due January 13 8pm

Project Description

Project 2: Texture Synthesis
due January 20

Project Description

Project 3: Barycentric Coordinates
due January 27

Project Description
Windows UI code (Qt), matrix inversion code
Linux UI code (Qt) + matrix code
Linux UI code (libpng) + matrix code

Project 4: Mesh Data Structure
due February 3

Project Description
Simple viewer

Project 5: Conjugate Gradient and Fairing
due February 11

Project Description

Project 6: Cloth Animation
due Feb 18 and 25 (two parts)

Project Description
Witkin \& Baraff paper
meshes in case you need them.