Class TuplePrinter

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    public class TuplePrinter
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements TupleProcessor
    This implementation of the tuple-processor interface simply prints out the schema and tuples produced by the SELECT statement.
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      private out  
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      TuplePrinter​( out)  
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      void finish()
      This function is called when all tuples have been produced and passed to the tuple processor.
      void process​(Tuple tuple)
      Processes a single tuple generated from evaluating a query plan.
      void setSchema​(Schema schema)
      This method is called once by the query evaluator before any tuples are passed to the TupleProcessor.process(edu.caltech.nanodb.relations.Tuple) method, so that the tuple-processor knows what the expected tuple-schema will be.
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      • out

        private out
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      • TuplePrinter

        public TuplePrinter​( out)