Class Ceil

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    public class Ceil
    extends SimpleFunction

    Implementation of the CEIL(x) / CEILING(x) SQL function, computes the smallest whole number larger than the argument. Returns NULL if the argument is NULL.

    Currently, the result is always a double-precision number, even though it is a whole number, since this is what Math.ceil(double) returns.

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      • Ceil

        public Ceil()
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      • getReturnType

        public ColumnType getReturnType​(java.util.List<Expression> args,
                                        Schema schema)
        Description copied from class: ScalarFunction
        Returns the column type of the resulting column after applying the function. This generally depends on the column type of the inputs.
        Specified by:
        getReturnType in class ScalarFunction
        args - the arguments to the function call
        schema - the schema of the table
        the column type of the resulting column
      • evaluate

        public java.lang.Object evaluate​(Environment env,
                                         java.util.List<Expression> args)
        Description copied from class: SimpleFunction
        Evaluates the function. Should be called at runtime for every function call.
        Specified by:
        evaluate in class SimpleFunction
        env - Environment, in which the arguments are evaluated
        args - Arguments for this function
        The value of the function