As we go through the various subjects of CS24, we come across many very interesting topics that we simply don't have the time to go into. However, if there is additional reading material on the subject, we will put an entry on this page so that you can explore these subjects more deeply on your own. **Nothing on this page is required reading for CS24!** This is simply provided as a service to curious students. **Fast and Clever Math Algorithms (week 2):** Some of the code that compilers generate for simple mathematical operations is completely befuddling, but it relies on very clever tricks and techniques that are essential to implementing fast computations. If this subject is interesting to you, you should get a Hacker's Delight by Henry S. Warren. There is an accompanying website, **Software Debugging (weeks 2-3):** There are a couple of great books on debugging, which go through many interesting details of how to debug better, and also include many war-stories that illustrate the principles discussed. These books are: Debugging by David J. Agans - more basic, but very entertaining and to the point Why Programs Fail by Andreas Zeller - more advanced, and includes a focus on automated debugging, which is a very cool idea that is finally beginning to be included in some commercially available tools These books have helped me, so we expect they would help you too. **Software Exploits (week 3):** Unfortunately we just don't have time to explore the topic of software exploits in any of the assignments, but there is a very good book on the topic. Hacking: The Art of Exploitation (2nd ed.) by Jon Erickson explores a wide variety of software exploits, frequently going to the level of the IA32 instructions, stack structures, and so forth. This book is essential if you want to understand how to make your code bulletproof. **Writing Bug-Free Code (week 3):** While it is helpful to know how to debug programs, it is even more helpful to avoid writing buggy programs in the first place. One book that discusses this topic is Debugging the Development Process by Steve Maguire. Donnie read this book back in the 90s, and Donnie still remember and try to follow many of the principles outlined in the book. Donnie is sure you will benefit greatly from it.