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Wellness and Inclusion

It is very important to us that you succeed in CS 2. We provide many extra resources to help you. Adam and the TAs hold many office hours, and we have a message board called .

It is also very important to us that you maintain your mental wellness throughout the course. A few points are not worth losing sleep over. Everyone on the course staff is available to chat, and you can always attend office hours for a non-academic conversation if necessary. You can also visit the counseling center if you find you need help beyond the course staff. If you have a temporary health condition or permanent disability (either mental health or physical health related), you should contact disability services if you have not already. Additionally, if there is something we can do to make your experience better, please let us know.

Diversity, inclusion, and belonging are all core values of this course. All participants in this course must be treated with respect by other members of the community in accordance with the honor code. If you feel unwelcome or unsafe in any way, no matter how minor, we encourage you to talk to Adam or one of the Deans. We view these sorts of honor code violations as completely unacceptable, and we take them very seriously.

Course Staff


Annenberg 115
(626) 395-1765

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Teaching Assistants


  • Java
  • ADTs and ArrayLists
  • LinkedLists
  • Trees
  • Hash Tables
  • Recursive Backtracking
  • Asymptotic Analysis
  • Graphs
  • Parallelism
More Debugging
Client View of 2D Arrays
Recursion and Trees
No Lab!
Hash Tables II
Heaps & Priority Queues
No Lab!
No Lecture!
Dynamic Programming
Recursive Backtracking
No Class!!
Graphs I: Representation
Depth-First Search
Graphs II: Single-Source Shortest Paths
Game Trees, Minimax, and Alphabeta
Extra: Graphs III
Breadth-First Search
Extra: Graphs IV
Extra: SMT Solvers
Victory Lap
No Class!