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(CS/EE 146) Advanced networking: Platform Design & Internet Economics

Course details

The course meets MWF 1-2:55pm in Annenberg 213.

Course Description

This course will survey and discuss a host of recent developments in the design of online markets. E-commerce has ushered in a host of innovations in various aspects of market design, such as pricing, information flow, visibility, and transaction fees. We will read and discuss a series of recent papers that cover the practice, theory and tools in the broad area of online market design.

Basic knowledge in mechanism design and platforms economics will be reviewed in the first couple of lectures, and the main body of the course will consist of presentation and discussion of papers. The goal is to identify open research problems and also to prepare students to think conceptually about market design in an engineering environment.

Familiarity with basic economic modeling, probability theory, and optimization/algorithms will be assumed.


Adam Wierman and Hu Fu

Teaching Assistant

Niangjun Chen

Course structure

The course will be managed through Piazza. All communication and information is available here: