(CS/EE 145) Projects in Networking

Course Description

Students work in small groups to design and execute a project in the area of networking, broadly construed. The goal is for the project to either end with a deliverable (e.g. a working web application prototype) or a publishable conference paper. Students should have completed a project proposal and formed their groups during CS/EE 144 before registering for the course.


Adam Wierman, adamw@caltech.edu

Course structure

We will not have regular lectures after the project presentations finish (which typically happens during the third week of class). Instead, each group will meet once weekly with one of the instructors to discuss progress on the project. These meetings are the most important part of the course, so it is very important that all group members attend every meeting.

To start the course, we will have an organizational meeting and then we will meet a couple more times in the scheduled slot during the first two weeks for project plan presentations. After that, we will only have 1-2 lectures for overviews on making posters and writing the report.

All course communication will happen through Piazza.

Some examples of projects from over the years