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Course: CS 11

Units: 3 (0-3-0)
Terms: first, second, and third
Next Offered: Fall 2005
Instructors: Mike Vanier and Donnie Pinkston
Prerequisite: none (CS1 highly recommended)
URL: <>

Catalog Level Description:

CS 11 is a self-paced lab that provides students with extra practice and supervision transferring their programming skills to a particular programming language; the course can be used for any language of the student's choosing, subject to approval by the instructor. A series of exercises guide the student through the pragmatic use of the chosen language, building his/her familiarity, experience, and style. Lab staff will critique the student's technique and craftsmanship, offering expert feedback on areas for attention and helping the student with any conceptual difficulties that may arise while mastering the particular language. CS 11 may be repeated for credit up to a total of 9 units.


CS 11 is offered every term (Fall, Winter, and Spring). In addition, the CS 11 instructors are available during the summer for consultation with students doing programming projects.

More detailed information about this term can be found here. A very brief description of some past projects and the languages that they were implemented in can be found here.

Help Wanted section

Members of the Caltech community who are interested in getting students to work on programming projects, as well as students who are looking for programming projects to work on, should consult this page.