Haskell track: books and papers

One of the nice things about Haskell is that it has an extremely rich literature (as good as that of any programming language I've seen). Here is a list of some interesting and relevant books and papers written in Haskell. If you want to really master Haskell, it will be necessary to read and understand a fair number of pretty sophisticated papers, which can be a daunting task. This page includes links to some of these papers. It will be expanded as the track gets fleshed out more.


There aren't that many books on Haskell yet. Here are some I recommend.


Now we come to the most important part: the papers. Don't be dismayed if you have to re-read some of these papers several times before all the ideas sink in; even understanding a few pages of a difficult paper will help your overall understanding of the language, and a paper that seems intractably difficult today will probably seem quite easy after you get more experience writing programs in Haskell.