C track: assignment 1


In this assignment you will learn the basics of compiling programs and the most fundamental aspects of the C language.

Getting set up

We provide you with a virtual machine (VM) running Lubuntu Linux in which you should write all of your code. The VM has all the course software pre-installed, as well as terminal programs and text editors that you will need. See the link from the C track home page for information on how to download and set up the VM. You will also need to know basic Linux commands (particularly terminal commands) to work effectively with the VM. If you've taken CS 1, you already have this knowledge.

We strongly advise against writing or running your code on the CMS cluster computers in Annenberg room 104. We can't guarantee that the computers work properly or that the most up-to-date versions of the necessary softare are installed.

Language concepts covered this week

Suggested Reading

Programs to write

To hand in

The hello1.c, hello2.c, and hello3.c programs. Before you hand them in, make sure that you run the style checking program on all of them to catch obvious style mistakes. See the style guide for more information on this.